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Now that you have leased your apartment and listed EZ Apartment Source on the application, just submit the information below to receive your rebate. Please see the rebate disclaimer below.

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We are happy to offer a rebate to our customers as a thank you for working with us. Consider it our housewarming gift to you. In order to qualify for the rebate you must:

  • Lease at a property referred to you by one of our licensed agents.
  • List EZ Apartment Source and your agent’s name on the guest card when you first visit the property and on the application when you lease.
  • Sign a minimum of a six month lease.
  • Request your rebate within 30 days of your lease start date.

Should the property withhold compensation to EZ Apartment Source the rebate offer will be void. Rebates are promptly mailed directly to your new address once your chosen apartment community pays EZ Apartments Source’s invoice which usually takes between four and eight weeks. To receive a $50 rebate your rental rate must be a minimum of $600. A rental rate above $800 qualifies you for a $100 rebate.